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The Edmonton Ultimate Players Association would like to acknowledge that we participate in sport on the traditional meeting ground of Amiskwacîwâskahikan, home to diverse First Nation groups of Treaty 6, and Metís Region 4. We honour and respect these diverse groups with commitments to diversity and inclusivity within sport. We wish to acknowledge Turtle Island of being our home and providing us with a place to play and enjoy sports. We also commit to respecting the Indigenous Peoples of this land and their stories.


Ultimate is an exciting and highly addictive sport which is self governed by one basic, underlying principle: Spirit of the Game. Come on out and give it a try; it's super fun, a great workout, and an opportunity to meet some of the most spectacular people ever!

Technically speaking, Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-contact sport played with a flying disc or 'frisbee'. Players may not run with the disc, but pass it among teammates until one of them catches it in the endzone to score a point. If the disc is dropped or intercepted at any time the other team gains possession and immediately begins attempting to score in the opposite endzone.

A typical game may be to fifteen points and will take about 90 minutes to play. In Ultimate the emphasis is on spirit and joy of play. Players referee themselves, and while competitive play is encouraged, it should never be at the expense of the Spirit of the Game.

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What is Spirit?

"Ultimate relies upon a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate unsportsmanlike conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting opposing players, dangerous aggression, belligerent intimidation, intentional infractions, or other 'win-at-all-costs' behavior are contrary to the Spirit of the Game and must be avoided by all players." 
- From the 11th Edition Rules


1. The golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Spirited games result from mutual respect among opponents. Assume the best of your opponent. Give him or her the benefit of a doubt. You would want the same for yourself. But if you are thick-skinned, do not assume that your opponent is. Maybe you should think of this rule as, “treat others as you would have them treat your mother.”

2. Control: SOTG takes real effort.

SOTG is not just some abstract principle that everyone adopts and then games run smoothly without effort. Close calls are made in tight games. Hard fouls are committed. SOTG is about how you handle yourself under pressure: how you contain your emotionality, tame your temper, and modulate your voice. If you initiate or contribute to the unraveling of spirit, the concept falls apart quickly. If you act to mend things (or at least not exacerbate the situation) by following point 1, the game heals itself.

3. Heckling and taunting are different.

Ultimate has a long tradition of good-natured heckling. Heckles are friendly barbs, typically from non-playing spectators. Heckling can be fun, but taunting is unspirited and wrong. Harassing remarks after an opponent's foul call or close play are NOT heckling: they are abusive taunts which create unpleasant playing conditions and often escalate to acrimonious disputes.

4. SOTG is compatible with championship play.

It is a fallacy to argue that the stakes are so important that some aspect of SOTG can be cast aside. Time and again, great teams and star players have shown that you can bring all your competitive and athletic zeal to a game without sacrificing fair play or respect for your opponent.

5. Don’t “give as you got.”

There is no “eye for an eye.” If you are wronged, you have no right to wrong someone in return. In the extreme case where you were severely mistreated, you may bring the issue up with a captain, tournament director, or even lodge a complaint with the governing body. If you retaliate in kind, however, a complaint may be filed against you. We recall point 1: treat others as you would have them treat you, not as they have treated you. In the end, you are responsible for you.

6. Breathe.

After a hard foul, close call, or disputed play, take a step back, pause, and take a deep breath. In the heat of competition, emotions run high. By giving yourself just a bit of time and space, you will gain enough perspective to compose yourself and concentrate on the facts involved in the dispute (was she in or out; did you hit his hand or the disc; did that pick affect the play). Your restraint will induce a more restrained response from your opponent. Conflagration averted, you may resume business as usual.

7. When you do the right thing, people notice.

When you turn the other cheek, you know you've done the right thing. You may not hear praise, there may be no standing ovation, but people do notice. Eventually, their respect for you and their appreciation of the game will grow.

8. Be generous with praise.

Compliment an opponent on her good catch. Remark to a teammate that you admire his honesty in calling himself out-of-bounds. Look players in the eye and congratulate them when you shake their hands after a game. These small acts boost spirit greatly, a large payoff for little time and effort.

9. Impressions linger.

Not only does the realization that your actions will be remembered for a long time serve to curb poor behavior, it can also inspire better conduct. Many old-timers enjoy the experience of meeting an elite player who remembers their first rendezvous on the field and recalls the event in detail. A good first encounter with an impressionable young player can have considerable long-term positive impact.

10. Have fun.

All other things being equal, games are far more fun without the antipathy. Go hard. Play fair. Have fun.


  1. If an infraction is committed and not called, the player committing the infraction should inform the infracted player or team of the infraction.
  2. It is the responsibility of all players to avoid any delay when starting, restarting, or continuing play. This includes standing over the disc or taking more time than reasonably necessary to put the disc into play.
  3. On a stoppage of play, if it is ever unclear which of a team's members are the current players or where they are on or off the field, they should identify themselves when the opposing team requests.
  4. If a dispute arises on the field, play stops and is restarted with a check when the matter is resolved.
  5. If a novice player commits an infraction out of sincere ignorance of the rules, it should be common practice to stop play and explain the infraction.
  6. When a call is made, throwers must stop play by visibly or audibly communicating the stoppage as soon as they are aware of the call and all players should echo calls on the field.
  7. In addition to the assumption that players will not intentionally violate the rules, players are similarly expected to make every effort to avoid violating them.

From the 11th Edition Rules

Captain's Role

Team captains are expected to encourage and facilitate both knowledge of the rules and spirit of the game among their team.

Lots of time conflicts can be resolved a lot faster and with better Spirit when the captains of the team step in with the right call. Ideally the two players involved will be able to resolve the issue on their own; if they are unsure of what to do, captains should be ready to help the discussion along.

The most important thing to remember is that if a resolution cannot be reached in a timely manner, send the disc back to the thrower and the disc comes back in at stalling 6. It is as important to know the rules as it is to know when you don’t know them.

All disputes should be resolved amicably even though you are playing against someone in a competitive sport. If a situation arises where you as the captain are unsure of what should happen, deal with it in the fairest way possible (back to thrower or replay) and make it your responsibility to learn the proper outcome for next time. Try to find the rule and/or contact us if you have any questions.


Adult Leagues and tournaments are open to anyone ages 17 to 99 years old. There is no previous experience required, everyone is welcome! 

Any questions? Contact executivedirector@eupa.ca

Adult Leagues

Indoor Winter Leagues Dec to Apr Recreational and Competitive Leagues are available!
Outdoor Spring League May to June Recreational and Competitive Leagues are available!
Outdoor Summer League July to August Recreational and Competitive Leagues are available!
Outdoor Fall League Sept to Oct Recreational and Competitive Leagues are available!

Annual Tournaments

Frostbite Open January  Part of a series of indoor 4-on-4 team tournaments ran in partnership with the Alberta Ultimate Association and the Calgary Ultimate Association.
A4UC February  Alberta 4v4 Ultimate Championships - Winner earns bid to Canadian 4-on-4 Ultimate Championship (C4UC)
Defrost March Single gender indoor tournament (Men's & Women's Divisions) 
Cups Tournament (Spirit of Summer Edition) June What's cups? Cups is played on teams of two and the "cups" are set on wooden dowels that are set wide enough that a disc can pass between them. Players try to knock cups off the dowels, or get their disc between the two dowels without touching the dowels while holding a drink in their hand. Join us and we'll teach you the rest.
Spirit of Summer June 7-on-7 mixed gender, "hat" tournament filled with all the usual Edmonton Ultimate spirit! Sign up as an individual or with some friends! All levels of ability and experience are welcome!
Cups Tournament (Pre-Fall Brawl Edition) September Long Weekend What's cups? Cups is played on teams of two and the "cups" are set on wooden dowels that are set wide enough that a disc can pass between them. Players try to knock cups off the dowels, or get their disc between the two dowels without touching the dowels while holding a drink in their hand. Join us and we'll teach you the rest.
Pre-Fall Brawl September Long Weekend 7-on-7 mixed gender, team tournament full of good ol' Edmonton spirit! Wrangle your team together and register. All levels of ability and experience are welcome!
Holiday Fundraiser Tournament December This tournament is about having fun and giving back. 100% of the profit will go towards a chosen charity.

To register for a league or tournament visit the Register Now pages

Club Teams

Can't get enough this fine sport? If league leaves you thirsting for more, you should try out the competitive Ultimate scene in Edmonton. Whether you are looking to play at a higher level or simply improve your skills, come see all this amazing sport has to offer. Contact one our local touring team to find out more.

Alberta Flatball Club Adult - Open albertaflatball@gmail.com
Carbon Masters - Open  carbon.ultimate@gmail.com
Flurry Adult - Womens flurryultimate@gmail.com
Throwback Masters - Womens throwbackultimate@gmail.com
Rogue Hippo Adult - Mixed roguehippoulti@gmail.com


These sessions will be opened to ages 10 to 17 years old. During the sessions, we will be separating the age groups from ages 10-13 and ages 14-17 this will make sure they are matched according to age and skill level. There is no previous experience required, everyone is welcome! 

Any questions? Contact youthdirector@eupa.ca 

Youth Leagues

Indoor Winter League Dec to Apr All youth ages 10-17 who are interested in playing Ultimate!
Outdoor Spring League May to June All youth ages 10-17 who are interested in playing Ultimate!
Outdoor Summer League July to August All youth ages 10-17 who are interested in playing Ultimate!
Outdoor Fall League Sept to Oct All youth ages 10-17 who are interested in playing Ultimate!

Annual Youth Tournaments

School Spring Championships Early June Divisions: Grade 5/6, Junior High, Senior High
Spirit of the North Late October Divisions: Grade 5/6, Junior High, Senior High

To register for a league or tournament visit the Youth heading.


History of EUPA

The Edmonton Ultimate Players Association (EUPA) was established in 2001 as an organization devoted to promoting the ultimate community within Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a part of its mission to further the sport of ultimate, EUPA organizes year-round leagues, runs several regional tournaments, offers player-development opportunities and youth programs. EUPA also supports Edmonton touring teams through program support and fundraising opportunities.

Browse the website to see what EUPA is all about, and if you want to get involved or have any other questions, feel free to contact the EUPA Administrative Coordinator at admin@eupa.ca.

EUPA Staff

PositionNameEmail Address
Executive Director Christine Mason executivedirector@eupa.ca
Administrative Coordinator Clayton DeVries admin@eupa.ca
Youth Program Director Dia Syed youthdirector@eupa.ca

EUPA Board of Directors

PositionMemberEmail AddressTerm
President Mika Uusnakki president@eupa.ca 2023-2024
Vice President Marissa Gutsch vicepresident@eupa.ca 2024-2025
Treasurer John Lee treasurer@eupa.ca 2024-2025
Secretary Amy Nichols secretary@eupa.ca 2023-2024
Member at Large Andy Dirgo andy-d@eupa.ca 2023-2024
Member at Large Kaine Dreilich kaine-d@eupa.ca 2024-2025
Member at Large Daniel Mitchell daniel-m@eupa.ca 2024-2025
Member at Large Rishigan Manilall rishigan-m@eupa.ca 2024-2025
Member at Large Angella Yamamoto angella-y@eupa.ca 2024

EUPA Committees

CommitteeChairEmail AddressTerms of Reference
Executive  Mika Uusnakki president@eupa.ca Executive ToR
Programming Daniel Mitchell programming@eupa.ca Programming ToR 
Growth & Marketing Angeline Quek growth@eupa.ca  Growth and Marketing ToR
Tournaments  Amy Nichols tournaments@eupa.ca Tournaments ToR 
Fields Rob Kaplan fields@eupa.ca  Fields ToR 
Staff Curtis Barranoik staff@eupa.ca  Staff ToR 
Youth  Chris Reid youth@eupa.ca Youth ToR

EUPA Representatives

Title Name Email Address
Ambassador  Cameron Tomlinson ambassador@eupa.ca
Spirit  Andy Dirgo spirit@eupa.ca

Board Governance

EUPA Bylaws
Board of Directors Position Descriptions
2023 Annual General Meeting Presentation
2022 Financial Statements

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