2013 Pre-Fall Brawl

League information
Game length: 01:30
Roster end date: August 30 2013
Start date: August 31 2013
End date: September 2 2013
League registrations


Please Read Carefully - Important Instructions!

If you are NOT your team's captain, click the registration link below, fill out your info, leave the optional team name field blank, and click Review Order. Once your captain has created your team, they will send you an email invite to be added to the roster.
INDIVIDUALS - If you do not have a team but are interested in playing, email tasha-c@eupa.ca to be added to the invidual list. If we get enough players we will set up a team for you to sign up on.
TEAM CAPTAINS ONLY - Click on the registration link below, fill out your info and enter your team name in the appropriate text box.
Once you have registered, your team name will appear under "My Teams" on the right side of your screen. Click on your team name and then select the tab "Invite People to my Team"
You have the option to invite people to your team using either their email address, EUPA username, or membership number. Enter each addresses into the corresponding box, separating each address by either a comma or a line. Please note that if you don't use an email address associated with an existing EUPA account, they will be prompted to create a new account and pay a membership fee; it's probably best to ask them which email address you should use in advance if that's the route you're planning.
Once you have created your team remeber to pay your deafult bond to secure your spot.
If you have any issues, contact Dani generalmanager@eupa.ca or Tasha tasha-c@eupa.ca

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